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This is the new traffic hazard along EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City – a huge billboard of the Brazilian model Hideo Muraoka for local brand Folded and Hung. I think this one’s for the new underwear line, a bold and brassy business move that’s going headway against the once- formidable rival, Bench. Now, does this mean another wave of those briefs-and-thongs boards along the busy thoroughfares of Manila? I wouldn’t mind, of course.
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  1. hmmm…he’s okay, pero parang mayroon ako hindi maintindihan sa overall look niya…. kaya his billboard doesn’t transform me into a vehicular threat.

  2. grabe. eto bang pic na to ang nasa billboard? or a photoshopped version minus the bulge? sana ganito. i will look it up the next time i pass thru edsa and wish that when i do, the heavens will take me up and kneeling before his cocky glory. hayyyz

  3. sarap susuhin ng kanyang nips with matching lamas sa kanyang pectorals, tapos i will go down and make lamas to his balls while gulping down that brazilian cock. hayzzz

  4. kung ganito naman ang makikita ko araw-araw paggising ko, eh titira na din ako sa ilalim ng guadalupe bridge. *FAINT*

  5. Mas hot si Daniel something yung batang Japanese Brazilian din na na feature sa Cosmo recently. Post ka naman pic RD na naka ganito din na brief!

  6. Yah! I agree, Daniel Matsunga is way hotter than Akihiro and Hideo though the sexiest tatoo goes to Hideo!

    By the way you can browse Daniel Matsunaga sexy picture (wearing bikinis only) in google.

    Anyway, I’m not sure about this but you can book Hideo privately (high paid prostitute I guess). Though I didn’t try to text the number but my source is reliable.

    Hideo- +639275119764

  7. di yan num ni hideo ahahahaha alam ko num nya noh, kasi ako din namimigay ng mga num dito ng models, definitely di nya num yan i should know am an agent in the modeling industry.

  8. Hoy, libelous anonymous, hindi number ni Hideo ang pinost mo noh! I also have his number because I photographed him for a magazine. At hindi pa-booking si Hideo dahil 1) kasama ang girlfriend na si Fatima everywhere he goes 2) may pinag-aralan yan sa Brazil and 3) he can afford to travel the world as a model kahit negative pa siya umalis sa kahit anong bansa. To quote Mariah Carey: “you’re delusional, so delusional, why you wastin your time!”

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