Hot Men in the Philippines

Bold and Woke

It seems that the leading streaming site is now normalizing imperfections and empowering characters of all sizes. In the latest offering of Vivamax, Higop, Josef Elizalde (33 years old) and Fabio Ide (35 years old) break the hunky stereotype of sexy-movies leading men. They’re big and strong, and they come just fine!

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    1. Ahm titah, puhrang younger vershion pouh puhlah ni Joshh Hhartnett shi papa Fabioh Ide quoh noh? Sho hot pouh nyeah eigh, sherewp mush pouh. Hihi…

  1. puro na kantutan sa VivaMax, tapos magtataka sila bakit andaming HIV+, teenage pregnancy, sex workers, porn content creators, and stupid Pinoys

  2. Hear, hear! 🙂
    And also fa_ _uckers, as featured here before. May we ask for one of the members of Team V5? <3

    1. Admin, wala ba nu’ng mga ‘_ucking fully clothed’ pero kita ang penetration?.. ‘Pag ganu’n, ano’ng rating sa Censors? Parang opis meyts lang na nag-quickie sa Stockroom or when wala’ng gumagamit sa Conference room.

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