Hot Men in the Philippines

Brazilian in our midst


The influx of Brazilian and fly-in models into Manila has made me lose track of all these wonderful boys in our shores. There are some notable ones, of course, and one of them is Amadeo Leandro, who’s one of the centerfolds in the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s annual list. Cue drooling over his chiseled chest and dreamy eyes.

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  1. Ganyan ang model dapat! Alaga sa katawan! Yung mga feeling models dito na boys e puro fats at cholesterol at kung minsan namn ampapayat walang muscles!

      1. So ang pa affect mo teh gagamit ka ng malalim na salita para mag mukhang intellectual ka? Ulul mo! Non sequitur mo mukha mong chaka!

  2. Feeling ko mga pabooking din mga Brazilian na to dito pero mas malaki bayad.. e wala naman sila masyado pagkakakitaan no!

  3. hi guys. just want to share. in HK, i booked a brazilian escort. really hot guy. the face the body. sobrang laki ng tool. ang sarap. mahal sha. pero sulit na sulit.

  4. Amadeo Leandro! Yan ang pangalan ng tunay na lalaki! Astig! Tigas-titi! Hindi tulad ng mga names na Kirstey, Rez Fil, Jhello, Jonrell, Mc Gyver etc etc Soooo Jologs!

    1. hahaha so true. I wonder what it is with typical Pinoy parents that they choose the oddest names for their children. What’s wrong with traditional names like Miguel, Daniel, Francisco?
      May karapatan ka lang magname ng weird kung bagay sa last name, like Lucky Blue Smith.

      Dami kong sinabi mga sis hahahahaha

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