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Speaking of the forthcoming Bench show in July, sorely missed these days in the clothing brand’s underwear ads is original body model Jon Hall. Yes, the one with the big lump. The one who didn’t need a penis prosthetic for the photo shoots. Jon Hall remains as the quintessential model for undergarments – sexy and unique, tough and well-built. Here’s hoping Jon will be in the July fleshfest of Bench.
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  1. but for some reasons, there are a few elements too in his character that somehow overshadows his supposed mean streaks for me. ewan ko lang, baka ako lang yung nakakakita or ramdam nun. for one, i was told that this guy is one freakin homophobic. don’t know if that is true though. i mean, for me, a certified bakla, how can i admire a guy who freakin hates me?

  2. looking at the picture, I can also smell the scent of a man. musky and intoxicating! hmmmm. yummm.

  3. i still have a copy of a calendar where his a model together with other three sexy men. so sexy yummy!!!

  4. siguro kung ako si michelle kahit hindi kami magtirahan lagi basta lagi ko sya nasususo ay heaven sa akin. hahahahahahaha

  5. sasabunutan ko ang michelle madrigal na yan pag nakita ko. mangaagaw, mangaagaw! hitad! tapos sabay dialog ko kay john hall, pwe wala kang taste, dito lang sa babaeng eto mo ako ipagpapalit? anong meron sya na wala ako?

    sagot ni john: pechay.


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