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Carlo versus Enchong

Let’s do some voting: between Carlo Guevara [left] and Enchong Dee, who would you choose and why?  Carlo Guevara turned 19 years old last month and is a student at the Philippine Christian University along Taft Avenue, Manila.  Enchong Dee is turning 20 next month and is a student of De La Salle University also along Taft Avenue.  Both are Bench underwear models and newbie actors in ABS-CBN’s teenybopper shows.  So, will it be the geeky [yet sexy] Carlo? Or the athletic Enchong?
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  1. theres no point of comparison, looks and acting wise.. isama mo pa pati achievements. enchong is miles away. he is much much better! yun lang~ 🙂

  2. kung tinanong mo ito dati and it’s between them then definitely I’ll choose enchong, pero ngayon kay carlo na, so my vote is on carlo, besides I hate DLSU hahahaha!

  3. CARLO the whole nine yards! Carlo may not have a pleasing tone of voice but it can be improved. Carlo is way way better looking than Enchong if you will take a closer look! Put their pictures side by side, CARLO will be the hands down winner! Eyes, lips and jawbone, Carlo have them!!

    Enchong without his swimmer’s body will be as ugly as any ordinary beho in the Phils. Enchong has the making of a latent homesexual. Have you seen him in My Girl? He’s make up was thicker than all the stars there combined. He sashays like a beauty contestant! I have to give credit to his smile thought, he’s got a perfect set of teeth worthy of a toothpaste commercial but his smile reveals a lot of hidden things about him. I can smell something funky without even trying.

  4. well yeah, enchong started first, and is normally sexy and stuff. he does come from a nice background and all…

    carlo used to be really chubby, and he doesnt belong to such a high profile campus. but at least, i’d say he’s hotter cos he chose to be hot. heheh…

    i dunno. i luv carlo… :D~~~

  5. Beho? ang yabang mo ha. ano bang itsura mo ha. kung makapanglait ka ng chinese, kala mo sino ka. Mayaman ka? kaya ang hirap mo dahil di ka masipag tulad ng mga filchi.
    piaw si ka. bo lanchaw.

    go enchong! 😉

  6. choosing is so easy, i’ll definitely go for Enchong. He is much hotter at mukang mas marunong siya kesa kay Carlo. hihi

  7. I SO AGREE WITH ED. Without that swimmer body, siguradong hindi yan mapapansin sa entertainment world. Unlike carlo, he excudes that manliness thanks to his sharp jawline and piercing eyes.

    Also, I prefer the geek than the athletic bod because in the end, all that matters (apart from sizzling sex) is a good conversation. And I believe carlo could serve that.

  8. Kayong mga beho lumayas kayo sa pinas!! dont accuse me of being racist because you are in fact known in the world for being racist on top of the list. you chinese people corrupted the gentle filipinos. the all natural brown skinned malay race people of asia. you abused our hospitality took over most of the businesses and acting as if you own the country. yes, you are rich in the phils but your original country is as poor as impoverished africa and your people are bunch of illiterates, scammers and corruptors, did you not invent corruption and taught the filipinos how to cut corners just like you tainting your milk with poison? you have learned our language but you still have your ugly chinese accent, you can buy perfume but you still smell like a duck, you try to look as good as filipinos but your slit eyes will never be the beautiful eyes as the pinoys are known for. enchong is very chinese and no matter how hard you try to be pinoys, i will forever hold you in contempt! out!!!! intsik beho tuloy laway is a classic!

  9. I’ll go for Carlo. One does not have to be rich to have that so-called breeding. Kahait sa kalye lumaki ang tao, kung maayos naman ang kilos mo, walang masama. Enchong however grew up somewhere in Singalong area. Eh di ba ang daming mga addict at istambay doon. But it does’nt mean na addict at istambay si Enchong. Nasa nagdadala yan. Same with Carlo, kung sinasabi ni Anonymous (Oct. 10 8:07pm) na sa kalye lumaki si Carlo, so what? Look at Carlo now, winner sa Be Bench. Ibig lang sabihin, Carlo did strived hard to win the title. Nagsikap yung tao, and that’s what really matters.

  10. ay bakla! kala mo kung sino ka mapakanglait. bakit nagaral ka ba ng history? san ba nanggaling ang mga pinoy? diba sa mainland asia? we crossed the landbridges and found our way to the beautiful islands of the philippines. so kadugo kita whether you like it or not. at whether you like it or not, you don’t have the right to lambast anyone because of their race or how they look. and may i remind you, you started this bitch. im just returning the favor. so take that shit you’re moaning about back down your ass, or better yet, wipe it with any paper WE invented, or sadly, your ninunos invented..WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.
    unless cro-magnon ka, and from a very different line of evolution… but you’re not extinct naman diba? u just stink.;) get it? funny ko no. hehe.:) thank you. 🙂

  11. Enchong, si Carlo nagpa suso lang sa mga taga channel 2 kaya win noh ganyan talaga paraan ng mga laking kalye! di ba Harvey Cruz? (bodyshots 2008, ex ni Carlo)

  12. Wait, wait, wait. This blog gives all of us sisters the chance to vent out lustful and colorful views and ideas. but let us not turn this into a racial thing. Don’t make it ugly. All the boys are beautiful, save for a few chaka ones. Walang insultuhan dahil sa race! Love Pinoys and love the Chinese and those who are half-both. HALF-BOTH daw.

  13. Ano ba pinag-aawayan nyo? Pareho sila maganda at katakam-takam. Both have nice bodies and faces. Neither has the best of voices, pero okay lang.

  14. for me enchong, kahit mawala yung body nya, he would look better than carlo…the only reason why he one was buying himself to winning his place, i know coz someone i know was in the competition, tsaka tingnan mo, you need to buy their apparel to be able to vote (which is an easy way to cheat, his family is rich)… i would choose ron or john as the winner…between the two bench endorsers, enchong is the best! and there’s no need to degrade other people especially if you do not have the right to…

  15. I’m not siding anyone. After all I am a tutor to three gullible chinese kids and they really are so generous.

    Little clarification lang about history. Most Filipinos did NOT come from mainland Asia. Our genes are highly similar to Pacific Islanders (eg Samoans, Papuans, Hawaiians). Kaya nga Malay race diba. And the fact that countries like MalaySIA, IndoNESIA sound so similar to PolyNESIA, MelaNESIA, and MicroNESIA. Kahit sa language, apparent ito.

    Hence, Filipinos are kind of detached to mainland Asians.

  16. first, i never saw carlo as one with poor upbringing (in more common terms ay “breeding” but i refuse to say that word kasi parang para sa mga aso lang ata, mas appropriate ata upbringing than breeding.).

    second, i never saw enchong as someone very talented or refined. i’d say he is of a different class and caliber pero not too high for me. eto pa, doesn’t the name dee stand for something longer? like his real surname ata… i know the guy’s rich though and he looks very chinoy, which isn’t bad.

    third, no racist comments pls. i am half-chinese. i am proud of my chinese ancestry as i am proud to be very pinoy too. inspite of this, mas love ko si carlo. nakakasawa din kasi si enchong e.

    last, well nasabi ko na. i will choose carlo. he’s hotter and he’s not geeky. the voice? maayos lang yan. talent? pareho silang kelangan muna magworkshop.

  17. hihihi!

    pareho lang yan… titi lang silang mga pinagpapantasyahan nating mga ganito ang gender… ang problemahin nyo, kung kaninong beauty ang paptulan nila… kay pinoy/pinay or kay chinoy/chinay???

    wahahaha! wakanga!

    oo nga pala, lahat tayo dito half-half di ba? half boy-half girl??? hehehe!

    stay peaceful!!! be hapfy!!!

  18. thanks, hope this remain a racist-free site, and let those people as narrow-minded as ed or manlaque be educated, at magpaka-class. 🙂 (kung may personal grudges kayo sa mga chinoy, deal with them in the appropriate fora please)

    sorry about the history tidbit if its wrong, but i can actually remmeber my history teacher from grade 5 saying na may mga tulay na lupa coming from mainland asia, at shempre meron rin dun sa malaysia part. the malaysia part rin naman kasi karugtong ng mainland asia….nung pangea pa ang mundo remember. pero kung mali ako, sorry! 🙁
    anywhey, it does goes to show na mattalino ang mga bakla! 🙂 hehe

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