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Centerfolds 2014

A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory!  Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this motley group this year. Some are hot, though. The most revealing shot is that of –


followed by Piolo‘s joyless nephew,


The rest, you decide:










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  1. YAY RD! Thank you for uploading the centerfolds. Pero mas may star power ang last year than this year. This year parang walang masyadong A-list Stars. Lahat almost bit players or pasikat pa lang. LOL! All the gays, FAP FAP FAP all you want. LOL!

  2. wala talagang inhibition si diego furoni…may photos pa yan na bakat ang ulo talaga…grabe ang sex appeal nito…nakakawala ng ulirat

  3. It’s a fine list, it’s just napaka-boring yung mga pictures. Remember the time Jay-R covered his balls with apples? We need more of those pictures!

  4. Bakit wala sa centerfold si Mauro Lumba? eh Century Superbods Winner yun, bakit si John Spainhour eh nasa top 10 dati? Mauro wala? Naka BAN ba talaga sa Summitmedia si Maui? Diba, Amador Madamba???

  5. may LQ si Amador ng Menshealth and Century SuperBods Winner Maui Lumba, kaya Banned sya sa Centerfolds Shoot. Paging Editors, powerful ba talaga ang Amador na yan?
    Diba, Irish???

  6. Kaloka ang mga beki! Gustong centerfold yung nakabukaka at kita lahat ng kaluluwa! Doon kayo sa mga porn sites tumambay! Cosmo is not a gay porn magazine, yun lang!

  7. Were you able to catch Diego Furoni’s butt-bared instagram post? Pants pulled down, full butt out with a little side pubes showing. He’s so dreamy hot.

    More of diego furoni please rdddd!

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