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Colt: Andre Endique

The new kid on the block is Andre Endique. The 18-year-old high school graduate of Valley High School in Las Vegas, NV, recently appeared in a Coke commercial [“mag Coke lang syempre!“] and from then on, his career has been on the upswing. He’s now gathered a local following after starring in that TVC. Andre, who stands 5’7”-tall, is set to invade showbiz pretty soon.
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  1. Im back! OMG! lots of people indeed notice the wrong spelling “I bit” Lol. To be honest with everyone, spelling is not my strength when I was at school, but my accent when I speak english is good that’s why I have a decent and good paying job in north america. I should have enrolled at FEU. I would have been as good as the people who laugh @ me. I dont even know where that school located in manila, I guess somewhere far and its on the east side of manila. I wish one day I can visit manila. chao mariconis!

  2. Finalist siya sa mossimo, but he did not make it to Gen East Elimination & Page. I wonder why ? Sexuality maybe? your guess is as good as mine…..

  3. To Flip
    While it may be true that u have a good accent(which i highly doubt) grammar is still a very important key in conversing with other people.
    And i really wish you’d stop putting other people down when you yourself are not perfect.
    And yes,honey maybe you should have enrolled at feu.
    Maybe you’d have learned a thing or two so you wouldn’t be exposing us peepz to your trying hard ways.
    Baklita ka,nagpapa controbersyal ka withchez ka nman convincing noh!
    Dyan ka lng sa morayta na naka rent ng computer!
    Mapagmaganders ka masyado.
    Mashoho ka pa sa isdang bilasa!
    Tigil ka nga,thunder ka alis dtek!

  4. hihihi!

    kahawig ni ted failon?


    d bale, at least u gained a following… bit by bit…



    PS: maricon in spanish is gay or faggot

  5. wellcome back flip. may your fluck increase everey day of the week. i wish you good luck and more power. keep the writing busy and damn wit the others ingiteras.

    your loyal fans…are waitting.

  6. Corrected by mga sisters. Best in wrong grammar nga. rotflmfaol. Cute tong guy na to. Mukha lang talagang haggard sa pic na 2.

  7. Andre is really very good looking. he got that wholesome look. ou should look up for his other pic, he’s got the nicest smile in most of it. He must be really tired. He’s been doing a lot of work and appearances. I think he should take it easy. I like him a lot. Pls. change this pic of him fo r a much better one. thx!

  8. boyfriend to nung isang contestant na ang name eh angelo. cinasabi ko lng kasi d dahil kay andre di ko na nakita si angelo. mangaagaw tong pamintang itoh.

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