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Comely: Miguel Mendoza

Miguel Mendoza aka Ernesto Torrefiel started out as a contestant in the Man of the Year 2005 pageant [where Johnron Tanada finished 1st runner-up to eventual winner Joseph Kidwell]. During the contest, the 5’10”-tall hunk was one of the top ten finalists. These days, Miguel Mendoza is one of the favorite models of designer Renee Salud in his out-of-town fashion shows.
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  1. Darn! He is a true beauty! Laglag ang t-back ko! This if the face you wanna see first thing in the morning. Ang ganda mo Renee Salud, rich old gays have all the fun and luck!? RD can you have more of Miguel Mendoza please? Thank you!

  2. good choice for the INDEPENDENCE DAY! thnx 4 posting all these nice pics…dunno where & how u get those but UR D BEST RD!!! keep it up…

  3. For some reason that I cannot explain, I find his left picture more provocative than his near-naked one at the right. Only shows that one can be sexy even with his clothes on. Which is not to say I don’t appreciate the picture at the right. Why not, e ang ganda-ganda ni Miguel.

    Napakaligaya siguro ni Acheng Renee tuwing nag-a-out-of-town fashion shows siya with Miguel in tow. Haaay, kainggit ang bru! Congrats, sis.

  4. ONE HOT VANILLA BANANA. lucky guy to be sheltered beneath the wings of a rich lady (up to when though?). count your blessings daily Migs and don’t forget what GMA said the other day, “save your money”.

  5. migs..wag kang magpaapekto sa mga comments nila, i know your a good guy at alam ko di mo ugali ang manlamang sa kapwa tao. keep up the good work!!!

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