Hot Men in the Philippines


If you pass by one of Collezione C2‘s stores in the metro and happen to see a sexy model in the window display, chances are, he is the commercial pilot and model Kemuel Akut in real life but a.k.a. Kemuel Kul a.k.a. Ken Viterbo. I don’t know why he had to use different names but one thing is for sure, he is hot and appealing in person. Twenty-six-year-old Kemuel is one of the image models of the local clothing brand known for its Philippine map label.
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  1. like na like ko..brusko, lalaking lalaki, parang ang sarap pag ng feeling pag sya ang nakapatong sa yo at kinakanyod ka na hahaha

    sana naman rd, yung naka briefs man lang. meron ka ba nun? more of him..he is so sexily brusko!

  2. ang face nya di perfect pero ang lakas ng dating!!! at ang body, kahit nakapants lang sya, kakainit tingnan.

  3. He is hot definitely. I saw him at the C2 FASHION SHOW and he is so sexy and appealing! More of him please!

  4. hoi mga atcheng out na ang uncut version ng BAYAW , ang sarap ng etits ni paolo.. titi kung titi un kay janvier ang haba….go buy na.. pati un junior at senior un follow up ng freshman at sophomore out na din kaya lang medyo bitin mas daring pa un bayaw..awwww sarap

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