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Cosmo Man

Can somebody please ID this perky model at the Cosmo Bash? He didn’t go unnoticed in the event when he went on stage. The crowd went wild over the cute model’s antics as he surely worked up the audience that night with his sexy bod and good looks. Anyone?

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  1. Thats Wil Desovich from monaco models. He is hot and charming. He is down to earth, I chatted with him in the back stage.

  2. Have yoy guys seen kung fu divas? Super hot ni edward mendez! He was shirtless the entire movie pero ang mas masarap is yung bukol niya na kitang kitang sa entire movie! Rd, can you post pictures of edward? Sobrang laki

  3. Oo grabe yang si Edward Mendez nabaliw ako sa bukol niya may mga VPL scenes! Big bird talaga siya, pero obvious yung pec implants niya! Pansinin nyo pero hot and yummy huh!

  4. RD post mo naman si Osny Fernandes cute yun and hot na Brazilian model andito ngayon. I think he was in the Cosmo Bash!

  5. rd sana mafeature nyo si Ryan agoncillo lagi kse ciang Bakat sa eatbulaga dahil sa hapit na hapit na pantalon. nakakalibog swerte ni juday

  6. daming pulubi dito obvious pag nag comment walang pinag aralan sobrang kanto ang ugali. mahirap d nakatikim ng ka sosyalan.

  7. i cant find him in google. there is no Wil Desovich. he is not even in monaco models website. more of this guy please?

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