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Cute inked boys two

yheenCute boy no. 1 is Yheen Valero. In case you’re into local boybands, he’s one of the more popular members of the group 1:43.  If he can sing as good as he looks, then I’m sold on this guy! Yheen was a commercial and ramp model from Pangasinan before he joined the glitzier side of showbiz.


Cute boy no. 2 is Timothy Lim and he’s back! Judging from his recent photos in underwear and bikinis, it looks like this cute chinito will be a weekly monthly staple in this site. I wouldn’t mind, of course. Bring on the undies shots, Timmy!

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  1. i’ll go for timothy, nice bod and abs. i also want to see him in skimpier bikinis with vpl. he’s really so cute i love to kiss his lips and lick him all over.

  2. Timothy Lim looks like a much hunkier hottie version of Smokey Manaloto in this pic. Di nga. But I prefer his pensive shots – sobrang nakakaerbog.

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