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bernardAn 18-year-old Sumera (left) before transforming into a hunky Fernando (right) 3 years later.

The newest member of the bump-and-grind group of sexy men, Masculados Dos is a cutie! His name is Fernando Zomera (Bernard Joseph Sumera in the real world, and no, his nickname is not BJ!).  The 6′-tall native of Paombong, Bulacan formerly did the rounds of the male personality contests (Manhunt 2012, Mr. International Phils 2014, etc.) before finally calling it quits to join the Masculados Dos.

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  1. putang ina nag sarap naman nito, napaka bata para sarap sipsipin. fresh na fresh talaga, wala bang yung clear yung bakat na bakat pa diyan. pero ang sarap talaga.

  2. Talap naman ng bata ito. Kamukha niya si kiefer ravena sa 2nd pic, syet na-iimagine ko nakabukaka si kiefer na pawis na pawis pag tapos mag basketball at nang-aakit na masturbate yung flag ceremony nyang junjun Lol! Instant jack off tuloy ako.

  3. It is my wish that Masculados Dos (or Tres, Quatro, Cinco, how many reincarnations have they had?) could get members that aren’t just lookers, but could also really sing and dance. They’ll become a supergroup for sure, and not just beefcakes.

  4. rd, the real allan abines (bernard’s discoverer) is my friend and he said he didn’t post that. hindi for hire si bernard. allan has requested me to ask you to please delete that post. thanks

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