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Dangerously Low

Don’t you just love guys in jeans worn so low that they leave barely nothing to the imagination? Take for example model and yoga teacher Al Galang, who is showing off his pubis already in them low-waisted jeans. What’s next, the base of his penis? There is no doubt that Al Galang is used to this kind of teasing, he’s worn bikinis before in the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 [where he finished runner-up behind Andrew Smith] and Speedos and tiny shorts in his yoga classes. He has every right to do so, of course, because of his fine bod. Happy Hump Day!
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  1. The look is accepted in gay West Hollywood though not many can carry it. Outside Weho its a red flag that one is gay, and is considered in bad taste. Its akin to speedos. Straight white boys won’t be caught dead wearing one. In Rio de Janeiro every one wears speedos. Its a cultural thing.

  2. above average naman kung tutuusin, pero hindi ko rin sha bet. somehow, anyhow, may dugyot factor.

  3. He is hot. I’ve seen him before and the picture doesn;t do him any justice. He is gorgeous in person.

  4. Konti na lang maghuhubad na din itong Al Galang na ito. Para syang exhibitionist din gaya ni Rafael Rosell ang hilig nila maghubad na wa kyems.

  5. dolce and gabbana had a fashion show featuring their line of “pubic jeans.” ganito halos lahat ang style.

  6. photoshopped?
    get back to the other posts on Al…he is not that hairy in all the previous pictures showing him in skimpy bikinis….

  7. Aljearreau Galang is REALLY hot in person. This photo doenst give justice to his looks. and what a GREAT PERSONALITY he has. and he’s well rounded/well spoken too. He is Sam Oh’s boyfriend 😉

  8. photoshopped ka naman dyan ate. may word kayang nagahit or shaved in english. tumubo nalang. what do you think.

  9. parang old na sya. dry. or maybe hindi lang maganda ang pagkakakuha kc ung mga previous pictures nya doing the yoga eh maganda naman. dito parang kailangan nya ng stresstabs. puyat to the max. parang pagod na pagod. although nakakataas ng libido ang shot. kita ang pubic hair. un ang yummy.

  10. hindi maganda pagkakuha sa kanya — he wears skimpy speedos when he teaches yoga (which is ideal for the yoga he teaches) — tapos huhubarin niya sa locker room hehehehe

  11. i bet ang mahihilig manlait ay malalaki ang tyan at mataba, pangit ang skin at baduys. pang pa boost lang ng ego nila nag panlalait kc, dito sa web they can be above anyone else.

  12. may putok itich. nag try ako mag yoga sa studio nya in Greenhills a few months back. nung lumapit aketch after a very, very, very sweaty session… oh my…mavantut, kaka turn off ever.

  13. diba PLU siya? andy smith is my friend and i remember how he tightly embraced andy when the latter bested him in the mossimo competition. a tight hug while they were just in bikini trunks! constructive reactions only please. no violent and uneducated response please.

  14. i attend his class, al is much hotter in person, very nice. he’s not gay, although you’d wish he was. =P

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