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He’s one of the new male models in the scene. His name – Derick Hubalde, a 6’2″-tall descendant of a basketball celebrity in the Philippine Basketball Association [PBA]. The 25-year-old model, who was once featured as one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine hunks, is swamped with runway offers. Thanks to his swarthy good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season. Derick admits that although modeling is his bread and butter now, he still wants to be a professional basketball player for the PBA like his father.
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  1. 25 is not old. and he is sweltering hot. the problem with us filipinos is, we have this mindset that celebrities like models and actors should be young to maintain their fanbase, and that’s baaaad. and filipino gays prefer teenagers below legal age, lusting on young boys with the mindset of pedophiles.

    i prefer mature, ultra-masculine guys like derick and john hall on my bed over barely legal teens, anytime. at least i’m clean before god and the law.

    have a nice day.

  2. wow I like him ever since lumabas sya sa cosmo and metro bodies! dark and hunky! more of him please

  3. Derick is such a nice guy. He is also a Christian who has unwavering faith. Good luck Derick and keep it up….

  4. Wow! Sexy.
    Where is this from? Men’s Health ba?
    Any more sexy men from the issue? 😀

    Thank you for another sexy man rddantes!

  5. he is not 25?!! he was my classmate (in an exclusive school for boys) in HS – Batch’98.. Unless na accelerate sya nung elementary which is unlikely because he is not exactly smart..

  6. parang banlag? anyways, hot pa rin sha. kahit na ang fez value ay lumelevel lang sa mga basketball players sa liga ng barangay, hindi ko pa rin hihindian toh kung magjubad sa harap koh.

  7. I like Alwin Espiritu former Varsity Player ng UST Crawling este Growling Tigers pala. He was so yummy… From Head to toe. Wala kang itatapon. Kaya nga patay na patay sa kanya si SEN na GEISHA from the powerful Family in Visayas. Tulo laway si SEN. Hahahaha

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