Hot Men in the Philippines

Exposed to warmth and light

Lately, the weather’s been acting up. At times, the rains fall like someone went batty up above. Sometimes the sun inflicts too much heat. I prefer the rainy-windy weather – cold and bleak, at times passionless. But if it’s top male model Adryan Hanson under the roasting sun, lounging under the flare [or at least, enduring the heat], I think I wouldn’t mind the, uh, hotness, at all.

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      1. On a more serious note, grabe din tayong mga Pilipino makasira sa mga kapwa natin ano? Here we have a model who’s conquering the international scene– proving that Filipinos can make it and compete abroad. He’s walking in legit, the best high fashion shows in New York and Paris– Givenchy no less– tapos yung mga inggitero na hindi makabiyahe man lang dito, gusto lang siraan. That’s who we are. That’s the Pinoy for you.

        Kaya dapat if you make it abroad, wag ka na talaga lilingon sa Pilipinas e. Hahatakin ka lang pababa.

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