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AllenI’m busy traveling today, so the easiest post would be about this boy who doesn’t need re-touching in his photos: The Constant Contestant, Allen Molina. He’s upping the ante in bikini competitions by losing some more fabric in dem ‘kinis and carelessly exposing his plump and flawless derriere. Of course, we’re not complaining. Others might follow suit.

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    1. If you’re tired of rd, posting pictures of a man over and over again, well it’s time for you to look for another wesbsite! Or maybe you should make your own blog and post whatever you want to post! Get the fuck out of here!

  1. ang sarap niyang luhuran.. kakainin ko siya ng magdamagan hanggang sa last na patak ng tamod niya… aaaaahhhh shit..

  2. This kind of guy that i wouldnt hesitate to strip naked in front of him… #Pantycreamer the body , the face its totally a complete package.

  3. Nagtataka lang ako. Career ba talaga ang pageants with no hanky panky? I mean, it takes a lot of work and money to keep their bodies not to mention their skin in tiptop condition. I don’t think any sponsors would pour in money na walang ROI. unless of course, hindi niya kailangan gumastos para manatiling ganyang kaganda. oh well…..

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