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Fine Young Man

AllenOh, that boy with the smiling eyes! He looks fresh, he’s cute and sexy, too. His body’s finely carved and shaped. “All natural,” he says. And we believe him, partly because he says it matter-of-factly, partly due to his innocent little boy face. Indeed, Allen Molina is moving to a bigger stage this coming year, after his star turn in the Bench show a few months back!

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  1. Indeed!
    gwapo, makinis at maputi
    pero parang walang x-factor to be legit or semi legit model!
    hmmmp i-suggest natin kay direk Maryo na isali to sa masculados! baka magkacareer cya sa showbiz

  2. Sorry, pero i don’t find him appealing. Mukha syang matanda. For sure madami na naman magagalit nito. Pero pede na rin pangkama. Hahahaha

    1. best comment ka teh. feel ko rin si allen. di naman sya gwapo pero ang appealing niya. confirmed juts itech pero feel na feel ko siya.

  3. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. He is not really gwapo but he is oozing with so much sex appeal that makes me hard.

  4. sa december 27 kasali sya sa event ni shobi sa the music hall sa metrowalk ortigas watch tayo mga badet 500 ang tiket

  5. kasali si allen sa event ni shobi sa december 27 sa music hall sa metrowalk ortigas watch tayo mga badet 500 lang tiket

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