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Fit as Fuck

Jay GonzagaA fine man IMHO is someone who has substance underneath all that appearance and style. Something between the ears and beneath the abs and the pecs. Sometimes, too, it is just enough to stare at a fine boy, fit as fuck as Jay Gonzaga. Now, I’m extra curious about the naughty bits between his legs, under the abs.

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  1. Si ate jay nanaman kakasawa na. Feature mo na lang ulit yung ex nyang si kendra alfonso rd, di mo pa ata nafeafeature si ate ken this year? Eh for the past three years lagi shang trending sa annual top ten posts mo. This year waley.

      1. I agree. Kung hindi mo gusto edi hindi. Tanga tong bakla na to. Meron at merong magkakagusto kung ayaw mo man. Baba ng iq.

  2. Oh my Goodness!! Guys, you know what?ur comment makes you more “inggit” to this guy!! He’s a nice person and I know this guys personally kaya tigilan nyo Na yang pagpapatansya ninyo!lmao! LOSERS!

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