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Fresh 2: Enzo Quitiquit

Here’s another one of them good-looking BS Nursing boys from the University of Santo Tomas. Juan Lorenzo “Enzo” Quitiquit could very well be a classmate of another hottie, Ace Jimeno previously featured.  The 6′-tall Enzo graduated from the De La Salle – Santiago Zobel School in high school.  He dreams of becoming a physician someday just like his parents.  In the meantime, in between school work and assignments, the 20-year-old Enzo is a part-time model and male personality contestant. 
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  1. Magka-barkada sila ni Ace Jimeno. Ilang beses ko na silang nakitang magkasama. The last time ay nung Mr. Philippines International kung saan kasali si Enzo.
    Nung pictorial ng Most Promising Filipino Model Search kung saan sumali rin si Enzo, sinamahan siya ni Ace.

  2. sayang ang batang ito. he is handled by a bugaw named shane. promising pa naman sana ang batang ito. he made a wrong decision in choosing a manager.

  3. if it’s true that shane is handling him, then baka mademanda sila coz ang alam ko mau exclusive contract si enzo sa the agencie. besides, kung hindi man siya hawak ng the agencie, may ibang agent na mas may karapatang mag-handle sa kanya – the one who practically discovered him, yung organizer ng most promising filipino model search where he placed 4th runner-up. sayang nga talaga kung kay shane lang siya mapupunta, mapapariwara ito, may potential pa naman.

  4. Bugaloo ang manager? Aba, e di may I sign up? Pipila ko. Pero sana reasonable lang ang rates. Di be recession ngayon at taghirap?

  5. (gasp!) OH MY GOODNESS! Hindi ako makapaniwala. AS IN… I’m acquainted with him, and I’m really shocked. Tingin ko pa naman sa kaniya good boy siya. Ingat lang, may tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita. Conservative ang College of Nursing.

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