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Geoff Briz in the limelight again

Filipino, French and Scottish male model Geoffrey Briz aka Geoff Rodriguez is in the news again, this time as the Philippine representative [together with his girlfriend] to The Amazing Race Asia [TARA] Season 3. For a time, I thought he has packed his bags and left Manila for good, as he has not been getting enough modeling projects lately. He used to be with that successful song-and-dance boy group called Powerboys, right? Now, he has qualified for TARA and I shall be rooting for this gangling mestizo. And hopefully, win or lose at TARA, he’ll gain re-entry into Manila’s busy modeling scene.
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  1. no one can ever compete with the level of play Marc Nelson did on TARA2 too bad he had to be teamed up with that Rob(v)ilson who doesn’t even know what the Hongkong and Australian flag looks like hmph!

    Speaking of Marc… some pics on him pls?

  2. I slept with Marc Nelson years ago…he’s good in bed….so so worth it..i still remember the shape of his trimmed pubes whatta sight..=) delicioso!!!

  3. Hey, you cannot just make a claim that Marc Nelson is gay. Tell us why or give us proof. Just because he’s single at his age and girlfriend-less does not necessarily mean he’s gay. Everytime he is asked this, he just laughs it off.

    1. That claim is beyond ridiculous. They keep their love life in private and if you know them personally? You’d know what I really meant. Facts and out of great respects to both of them, I’ll leave the rest of what I know here ……,

  4. sya na ata ang tipo ng lalaki na talagang iilusyunin ng mga bakla, well ewan ko lang sa personal aha! mukhang pabricated ang picture eh. dami na ren kasing camera na sinungalin maganda o okay pag sa picture pag dating sa personal mukhang ewan.

    may nag claim na nga so ibig sabihin lang non na talagang ang mga lalaki na naka post dito ay pagaari o nasusuno ng mga bading hmm cno pa kaya natitirang lalaki na di pa nasususo ng bading?

  5. OO nga daw ex daw siya ni Marc, nakikita sila lagi magkasabay mag-gym niyan! Whhatttaaaa hot couple! Kainngit sila =(

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