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Someone is going to wear this on the Bench Body show on Friday. It will be good, right? Because the model will be walking, and maybe by the sheer impossibility of the design andĀ structure of the underwear, there will be some parts of the memberĀ jutting out. Some hint of penis, perhaps. Or just balls. Whatever, it will be hawt! Just like 6’2″-tall Californian model Connor Breen, who has previously appeared for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch in the US.

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  1. nice excited na ako ung worth 2500 na ticket na nakuha ko medyo malapit na ba un sa stage mabubusog naba mata ko nun ? haha

  2. Itong mga bakla talaga napaka nega. Kung ok ang modelo ookrayin ang design at styling. Manahimik na lang kayo kung wala kayong magandang sasabihin.

  3. grabe siguro kapag si victor aliwalas ang magsuot ng ganyang style ng undies! marami siguro ang mababaliw! iniimagine ko na nga at jakol ako ng jakol!

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