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Remember the hairy guy named Oscar Ilada who participated last year in the May event of Star Group of Malls dubbed as Heatwave Bikini Showdown ? Well, he’s still at it, doing bikini competitions in the metro and in nearby provinces. Probably his furry-fluffy belly adds some appeal, don’t you think so? Incidentally, Heatwave is the same contest where Harry Chua was discovered when he won in the 2007 edition.
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  1. Oca’s last bikini contest was that of last year, Heatwave. He was just here for the holidays then and was pursuaded by his manager to do the stint. He won’t be back home until October of this year. For your info only. Thanks

  2. Aba si Oca pala ito naka bikini. Kilala ko sya. gwapings sa amin. Di ko alam nagbibikini contest din pala. Hehehe

  3. Sa cruise ship nagtra-trabaho. Nandito siya ngayon sa Pilipinas. Bakasyon. One week lang ata.

  4. Sobrang cute nito.,wla b kaung revealing pics nya?Share nu naman…:) rd papost naman sched ng mga bikini open,im sure meron ka nun

  5. Kung sa iba hindi appealing ang buhok sa me bandang puson at tiyan, pero sa akin, sobra ang appeal. nalilibugan ako pag nakakakita ako ng ganyang mga lalake! katulad ni papa JC Tiuseco!

  6. sa heatwave sya yung pinaka nag standout dati kasi malaki bukol at hairy ang tyan. madaming naglaway na becky sa kanya.

  7. let’s just hope he wont follow the footsteps of harry chua aka harry laurel. closet pa-booking….

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