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Guys Three

It’s always a visual delight to see tall and appealing guys on the ramp. Of course, the bonus would be the bikinis and long legs and smooth torsos. Take your pick: The leftmost guy is Danny Marco Odejar, a 26-year-old model from Laguna. This 6′-tall hunk was the winner of the Bodyheat 2007 Model Search. Middle guy is Jose Bernardo “Jobo” Roa, a 21-year-old model from Cagayan de Oro City. Jobo, who stands at 5’10”, won the Body Shots 2008 modeling competition. Rightmost guy is Martin Richard, a 25-year-old Manila native of Mexican-Filipino heritage. This 6’1″-tall hunk, who was a favorite Bench Body model for print ads and runway shows, was the first runner-up in this year’s Century Tuna Superbods.
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  1. Hindi ako mahilig mamintas dahil kanya kanyang trip yan, pero dyosko naman, eto mga ito, matatangkad lang. Walang mga face value. Ano veh!

  2. Danny is 6 feet? How come Jobo, who is only 5″10, looks a lot taller than him? Or because Danny is walking ahead which creates an illusion that he ain’t that tall?

    I go for JOBO. Nice, decent and yummy. He has the best legs. Danny looks… urhm… old. Masyadong effort ang project. The other one is okay din.

  3. Ano ba yan? para naman yatang girl na girl ang hita at balakang nitong si Jobo, masyadong feminine ang dating nya . Yung dalawa mag kabilaan ang parang talagang totoong lalaki sa katawan at postura pati sa pag lalakad, kung baga dalawang lalaki ang gitna jukla!!!!!!!!waaaaaaaa…..:)

  4. I’m confused, the leftmost guy is clearly shorter than the middle guy, yet the leftmost guy is 6′ feet and the middle guy is only 5’10”? In any case they all lack muscle tone to be good models.

  5. Jobo is only 5’10”? Hmm mukha syang matangkad infernez ha. Pero ma appeal sya in person. Buti na lang hindi na sya kulot no.

  6. Jobo is only 5’10”? Hmm mukha syang matangkad infernez ha. Pero ma appeal sya in person. Buti na lang hindi na sya kulot no.

  7. Josko naman year end at new year tapos ganito ang post. More creativity please, such as for example lalaking hubo na may tsupon sa bibig to welcome 2010. E parang circa 70s an pics na ito. Josko naman!

  8. This is a composite of 3 pictures, which is why it seems odd that Jobo looks taller than Danny, and as tall Martin, when in fact Jobo is the shortest of the three.

  9. ang pangit nung nasa kaliwa, odejar ba un, bakit naging model yan, eh kamukha ni frankeinstein kakaproject.. hay bulag ang nagmamanage jan jusko. ampangit. nxt!!

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