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This Benjamin Alves guy is such a dream. I think he’s the newest favorite bikini boy on the Bench Body block. He’s also getting a lot of tv projects [in his home studio GMA].  Piolo‘s adorable nephew is now devoting all his time in showbiz after graduating summa cum laude last year from the University of Guam with an English Literature degree.
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  1. He looks so lean on that picture. I think he is really cute but when I see him on tv, he seems dull.His body is not as toned too in reality.

  2. Diba eto yung may bad behavior sa mga assistant niya? Hot ka nga, gwapo at summa cum laude pero kung may bad attitude ka naman naku.

  3. Eto yung na blind item na nahuli daw sila ni Sam Milby. At si Benjamin Alves daw ang bottom.

  4. maldita kaya yan! magbasa kayo ng blind items nya sa Fashion pulis. nako! feeling big star itech!

  5. “Wow English Lit! I’m impressed. But doesn’t that mean he’s probably gay or bi?”

    WOW. Such ignorance. Grabe. Dahil sa course bakla na???

    This is the sickest, stupidest comment I’ve ever seen here.

  6. Mas cute si kuya with a some fat on. This tuyot thingy does not quite suit that face. Pakainin ito ulit ng maraming Fibisco Hiro biscuit, howkey? Haha

  7. summa cum laude and all he wants to do is showbiz???what university in guam did he graduate from? we can verify his credentials…i smell something fishy already, like his masculinity…

  8. “I didnt know that he has such a strong credential to back him up!”

    It is only a BA degree. It is dime a dozen. You can’t even find a job anywhere with that degree. Maybe a call centre. LOL.

  9. may diva attitude pati sa kama. I heard that he’s pure bottom and into group sex basta sya lang ang bottom. I wonder if it’s true.

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