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We’ve always promoted diversity in this site – from the strippers to commercial models, in all shapes and sizes. The thing is, there is beauty in every male form. Marcel Stulir may not be conventionally handsome but he sure is a headturner in more ways than one. The 24-year-old Filipino-Turkish model, who is from Butuan City, lists himself as a nature lover. We love him, too.

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    1. Baklang negastar, masyado ka namang pa-obvious na detractor ng umaarangkadang Misters Of Pilipinas na generally considered the most prestigious local male pageant after the victory of Neil Perez in Mister International 2015 at hands down tinaguriang male counterpart ng Binibining Pilipinas. Kaninong kampo ng ibang male pageant na biterbiteran ka ba nanggaling?

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