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ID Man

Who is this guy? He was at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash, and I thought he resembles AVO in a smaller way, if you know what I mean.  He looks like a fly-in model, and then again I could be mistaken. One thing’s for sure though, he shows a lot of promise in dem boxer briefs! Do you know him?
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  1. Rd, tomorrow is a Thursday. Can you feature someone from the past? A beautiful daring sexy man, hopefully. Thanks. (I am not interested in the hunk without name featured today. Ordinary, I think.)

    1. I agree. Dear, pakitransfer ang throwback requests sa FB wag dito. Dun ka na din magpaulan ng hashtags mo. Pwe!

    1. Teh, AVO my love couldn’t be there coz he had a game the following day. Do you know how much fortune is spent on them just to prioritize their games? Over some overrated event? Srsly?!

    1. Yes. I worked in numerous fashion shows and contests. All pulled-out (meaning, lent) clothes, including swimwear and underwear, have to be returned to the designer.

  2. malibog daw ‘to. nakantot nya na cousin ko. pinagyayabang nga ng cousin ko eh. malaki daw burat. magaling kumain ng puke. grabe naman. hahaha

  3. Reza Hosseini…he’s very mabait,very much like his younger brother Heydar who is a favorite of Michael Cinco…

  4. Anonymous said…

    All comments here are all funny and witty, until that psychotic annie white came in and became unamusing

    Wednesday, 16 October, 2013


    You know how people with body odor can stay with each other in a small room and not notice anything wrong with the air? But when a clean smelling person enters that room, they all cough and cover their noses?

    That seems to be the situation here.

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