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Ide of March!

Our TGIF boy is Fabinho Ide, a Brazilian model in our midst. The 24-year-old cutie has been in the country for quite some time now, occasionally leaving to attend to commercial casting and runway projects in other Asian countries. He is one of the new models for Fit ‘N Right, along with another nipo-brasileiro Daniel Matsunaga. Fabio is also finishing a movie with Daniel and some Filipino models, which movie is about a group of models stranded in an island – D’Survivors. It looks like Fabio’s going to stay for a while, as he’s been taking language and acting lessons to broaden his career path in our shores.
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  1. Juiceko! Kung 50K wag na lang, sa hirap ng buhay ngayon…

    Pero mas handsome and mas sexy siya for me compared kay Daniel Matsunaga.

  2. 50K? I don’t believe it. There was a story in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine about the Brazillian models working in the Phils. They are cheap – cheaper than the local models that is why PMAP is protesting. A Brazilian model is paid only 1.5K for a modelling gig. Anyway, if there is anyone who can let me know how to hook up with him please contact me at I am generous with referral fee.

  3. murang mura na nga ang mga brazilian mdoels dito. kawawang mga pinoy na high priced pero mga chaka!

  4. kaya sila mura kasi may sponsors sila sa house, food at gym. they are only here for the experience. and then they move on to the next assignment before conquering the fashion capitals!

  5. if they can conquer the world’s fashion capitals, they would have done so by now. thing is, they are hopping from one nowhere to another nowhere with this very fantasy to serve up to anyone willing to hear it, most probably to up what little value they in fact have. *nosebleed* wala namang monopoly ang mga pinoy sa pagiging ambisyoso, mayabang at bolero/bolera.

  6. Quoting his interview sa Pep:

    NOT FOR SALE. Kailan lang ay natsismis si Akihiro sa isang gay Thai photographer dahil sa pictorial ng modelo para sa isang magazine sa Thailand. Nilinaw naman na ito ni Akihiro sa panayam sa kanya ng Showbiz Central.

    Tinanong namin si Fabio kung naligawan na ba siya ng isang gay?

    “No, I was never courted by a gay. I have many gay friends but I never had anything like that, na being courted,” sagot niya.

    Pero sa palagay raw ni Fabio ay normal na raw siguro na ligawan ng gay ang isang modelong katulad niya.

    “I think that’s normal especially for the kind of job that I have, kasi everywhere you go, we have a lot of gays. For example, the make-up artists, even people that work in the fashion industry.

    “But I think if you have respect for each other, like, you know, your work, you both know what to do, I think nobody will ever, ever have a problem with that. It’s normal if people saw you and say, ‘You’re guwapo, I love you.’ I think that’s normal but depende the way you interpret. You know what I mean? No malice,” paliwanag niya.

    May mga gays na raw na nag-offer sa kanya na bibigyan siya ng kung anu-ano, pero hindi raw niya ito siniseryoso.

    “I mean, some say that to me, but I take that as a joke, like, ‘I will give you this.’ I don’t see it as a real thing. I thought of it as a joke, not something that really could happen because I will never accept something like that.”

    Paano kung seryosong indecent proposal?

    “I would say the truth. I would say ‘I’m sorry, but I can work on my own to get things.’ You know what I mean? That’s why I work hard, I strive hard to get paid for that and have enough money to go buy whatever I want.

    “If you wanna give me something as a prize and as friend, for respect, for birthday, it’s okay. Pero not something like, ‘Oh, if you wanna be my boyfriend…’ because I don’t have a price. Nobody can ever buy me, I am not for sale,” deklara ni Fabio.

  7. pareho sila ni daniel, mashado silang magaslaw. kakaturnoff. si Akihiro lang ang masculine sa kanila, sa totoo lang.

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