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The cute guy’s Marvin Wijangco a.k.a. Marvin Raymundo in showbiz. He’s in the doesn’t-need-to-work category because his family is rich and his manager lives in Forbes Park and knows a lot of big people and showbiz is just something to while away his time and he gets modeling assignments from Bench and affiliates and he gets to hang out in glitzy places a lot. He was selected to join Manhunt last year, and although he didn’t win the top prize, he wowed the other contestants with his singing and dancing skills, thanks to his stint in Coverboys.
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  1. I personally appreciate young people who like to work and financially independent. mali kasi yung naka depend ka lang parati sa family mo, you have to prepare yourself to the harsh reality in life. So good for him na gustong mag trabajo, kaya mga baklesh go start looking for a job and make some money so you dont have to ask for money from your parents.

  2. sayang sya guapo pa naman. hindi sya pang model kasi mukha syang maliit as compared sa ibang models. pero pwede sana mag artista kaso bano naman sa acting.

  3. mas cute at mas manly ang kapatid nyan. yung kuya nya. kaso hindi naman nag showbiz. nagmanage na lang yata sa family business nila.

  4. Keber kung di marunong umarte. Uso naman ngayon yan. Tignan mo si Kris Bernal at Aljur, Kim and Gerlad, Xian at Ejay, tyaka yung Sexbomb Dancers na pang 150th season na ata yung walang kwenta nilang palabas. Pwedeng pwede siya bigyan ng malaking roles. Yummy naman siya eh. Hahaha

  5. Mabait na bata yang si Marvin. Galing sa disenteng pamilya kaya tigilan na yang mga insinuation na pahada ang batang ito.

  6. yah he’s mabait pero he’s bi. Dah, he’s from don bosco academy in pampanga (that makes him rich i guess). Lahat ng galing ng don bosco pag pumasok na lalake pagkagraduate it’s either gay, bi, pamen, or pahada. LOL!

  7. have you seen him singing and dancing at manhunt contest? I think there’s a youtube video of him doin that. he’s so gay singing.

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