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Jason Saguinsin Spunky

Twenty-two-year-old male model Bernard Jason Saguinsin is cocksure.  The 5’8″-tall commercial model from top university Far Eastern U is all prepped up for the summer.  Jason was one of the featured guys in Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s 69 hot and new bachelors for 2008.  Too, he – along with other models – topped the Generation East 2008 modeling search at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.  
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  1. Huh? 5’8″? Ilusionada ang lalaking ito. Pinipilit na 5’8″ siya. Ilang beses ko na siyang nakita. Kasama si Kish McBride. Eh 5’7″ lang ako. Mas mataas pa ako sa kanya. Naka-flats pa ako nun.

    Kung puede lang, BJ. Magising ka sa katotohanan. Kahit kailan, di ka puedeng maging modelo lalo na sa rampa kasi PANDAK ka.

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  3. You are a naughty boy, RD. You’re throwing seeds of dissention and chaos by always referring to the esteemed FEU as a top and exclusive university. But I agree with you, it’s not ramshackle and rickety. No-no-no-no-no. Asa pa ang favorite schools ko na Ateneo, UST, UP at DLSU. I went to grade school and high school in one of them, went to college in another and took my post-grad in yet another. Sa La Salle lang ako walang connection, unless you count a former fling who went to DLSU… Hehehehehe… You should get spanked, RD… Hahahahaha…


  4. Quite sexy, easily one of the hottest you’ve posted ever. It’s the nipples and the right amount of hair. Ang lakas ng dating. Mmmmmm!

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