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It looks like 20-year-old Kyle Echarri is making long strides in his showbiz career now. The young actor’s getting noticed lately, and how! He’s got some shows on TV, plus the much-anticipated “The Ride” daddy-son action flick with Piolo Pascual. Of course, the shirtless promo pics are cherry on top.

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    1. Hindi inggit si Andrea kasi obvious naman na fubu bff sila. Mahilig sa matangkad na daks, sanaol wasak

    1. None of them would ever pay attention to a nobody like you.

      Here’s where you clap back with your fantastical stories.

  1. Ewwwww.
    Sana prime opportunities are given sa hone grown talent kesa Yung “Filipino” lang pag may pagkilitaan. Tulad Ng pamilya ko, Pilipino Ang una naming pinagkakitaan

  2. Mukang malibog din ito tulad ni Inigo. Parang exciting ung ganyang mga bata pa, mainit, mapusok, handang tumikim at matikman. Supsop-sarap!

    1. If there’s a smoke, there’s a fire. Malamang galing mga info about his sexuality sa mga nakakasalamuha niya sa industriya, mga showbiz insiders, handlers, and possible pati inner social circle niya na matabil ang dila

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