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Lance in Summer

Huge male model Lance Howard is our hump day boy! In this time when the Brazilians are littering the local modeling space – in go-sees, TVCs, runways and even bit roles on TV, Lance is leveling the field with his looks, charm and physique. He can easily compete with them Brasileiros who are also tall and attractive. Lance has, so far, landed big-time projects for Bench, Folded & Hung and the Philippine Fashion Week series.
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  2. I saw him at the gym a week ago. He is much better looking in person. Tall, well-built, with a rosy complexion and real presence.

    However, he’s not THAT good-looking. He’s handsome yeah; but in an above-average Caucasian way. Not drop-dead gorgeous.

    Still, good enough for modelling (preferably ramp), or something else *wink, wink*.

  3. hahaha he’s really a hung! and it is confirmed way back before he started modeling… one of my closest girl friend confirmed it.. although not so goodlooking but he’s better in runways and ads…. typical caucasian guy….

  4. rd bakit ka ba pumapayag na gamitin ng mga juding dyan ang blog mo para sa shameless plugging ng mga blogs nila? dapat singilin mo na ang mga yan, ginagamit ka ng mga wannabess na yan to increase traffic sa mga sites nilang hindi naman sikat. abusado na.

  5. dati yata syang ginoong filipinas contestant. nakita ko na sya dati sa pageant at true nga na gifted child sya!

  6. Nakita ko ito sa fashion week last year, naka trunks lang sya, bakat na bakat nga at mataba ang alaga nya!

  7. How is he ‘leveling the playing field w/ the Brazilians’? He’s more Caucasian in looks and esp. the name. Kung yung fineature mo eh Pinoy na Pinoy na moreno na masarap mas applicable pa. Still loooove your site tho. ( :

  8. d talaga mawawala ang pahadz issue…haha ,,well malayo siya ikumpara ke akihiro fabian at ke “nicolai” hehe

  9. Balita ko married na sya? Check him sa facebook lance howard name nya. May palagi sya kasamang girl sa edsa shangrila and nung last fashionweek. Iisa lng lagi nya kasama. Sino ba yun?? Mukang model din,matangkad morena payat.

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