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Marvin Wijangco in Manhunt!

Marvin Wijangco a.k.a. Marvin Raymundo is the Philippine representative in this year’s Manhunt International pageant, a male modeling contest that traces its roots in Singapore. The 5’11”-tall model-actor was handpicked by the local franchise holder [Manager of Marvin? Last year’s delegate was Roldunne Mendoza, also a ward of Marvin’s manager]. In any case, here’s hoping the boyish-looking Marvin Wijangco will win the contest. There’s a popularity voting scheme in the website of the contest, but I think you have to pay [insert frown face].
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  1. gosh! wayback when he first appeared in the cosmo 2005 show, nakita ko na yung x-factor ng boylet na ito. grabe yung eyes niya, parang tinutukso ako habang naghuhubad siya ng top niya. at that time ako lang yata ang naloka ng todo sa kaniya. grabe!!!

  2. plain and simple like lunch in a brown bag. but alas! when you open it, satisfying and fulfilling. good luck and grab the plum Marv.

  3. siya nag pinaka favorite ko sa cover boys. i started liking him when he won sa game ka na ba….go go go, cutie marvs!

  4. this foto may have been taken many months ago…mas buffed sya ngayon, and gosh, you should have seen him in cover boys uncovered at music museum. sya ang pinaka fresh looking sa cover boys!

  5. Iba managers nila. Roldunne is under Mercator Model Management while Marvin is managed by ABS-CBN Talent Center, co-managed by Keren Pascual. Iba ang franchise holder ng Manhunt.

  6. Among the Coverboys, for one obvious reason, ang pinaka-desirable ay ang tatlong boylets: si Marvin at ang dalawang Bench runners-up. Fresh produce kasi.

    Marvin’s never photogenic, true, but in person, he looks very delicious. PLU ba siya? If so, aba, better. As they would jokingly say, that’s BETTERER!

    Yung term na “malansa,” ginagamit ng mga di masaya sa pagiging bakla nila. Bakit naman parang mabaho sa pang-amoy nila ang isang lalake na ang gusto pala’y lalake din? Di ba mas angkop ang salitang “humahalimuyak”?

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