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Men off to the showers

ModelsXHot guys in towels. Off to the showers for some cleaning.  Maybe they’ll rub the lather of the shower gel across their chests. Down their bellies (or abs) and thighs. And finally on their dicks, enjoying the soft soapy suds as they cleanse their shafts, eyes closed as they go under the warm water.  Happy Monday everyone! Take a shower!

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  1. One time na pumunta si john spainhour sa office ni mama ben chan ay ni lock daw yung kuwarto at after 2 hours daw lumabas si john at nakita daw nung mga staff na nagsasarado pa si john spainhour ng zipper pag labas nya ng office ni ben chan. Yun na.

    1. Narinig ko na rin yung kuwento na yan mula sa mga taga bench tower. Ang swerte naman ni ben chan. kaya nga siguro nangayayat si john spainhour.

  2. Sabi ng friend ko si ben chan daw ang nagbayad sa condo ni john spainhour. Lagi daw nakikita si john spainhour sa mansyon ni ben chan. Kaya siguro nangayayat si john dahil sa kachuchupa ni mama ben chan. Lagi din daw nakikita si john spainhour sa office ni ben chan kaya lagi daw naka luck yung office nya.

    1. Paano naman namin paniniwalaan ang kwento mo kung simpleng “lock” lang ‘di mo ma-spell ng tama. PFFFTTTT!!!!

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