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Sunday’s delight is someone to really watch out for: 26-year-old commercial pilot Kemuel Akut. If he looks familiar, he was one of the more prominent hunks in the recent list of 69 hot and new bachelors of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. Originally from Illinois, the tall, dark and handsome Kemuel is now in the country working for one of the major airlines. When he’s not busy flying, he does modeling on the side under the name Ken Viterbo or Kemuel Viterbo. This December, he will be featured as one of the half-naked hunks in a local magazine’s annual racy section.
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  1. Tall and dark, I give you that.
    Handsome, ummm, no.
    Nevertheless, this is one tasty morsel I’d like served on my table. Nice nice nice. He’s hawt.

  2. That’s what I call form and substance. Hindi puro form lang like most guys posted here. His lips are so kissable and the area down there just tempts you to explore it. *FAINT* nth power

  3. Sa Metro bodies ba ito na issue ng metro magazine? hmmm yummy nga pero sana nag brief na lang sya or yung mga ibang guys…

  4. for those who go for mature men, he is great..
    after models, actors, now come pilots..
    what about sexy basketball players?
    varsity or professionals…
    i heard many of them are game..
    not to mention that they are super sexy and very able..
    i hope some generous readers could share some
    of their experiences with them..
    share their contact numbers, too..

  5. drop naman kayo ng mga names na game na mga ballers…at pwde mga contact numbers na rin nila. tagal ko ng gusto makatry ng baller eh… haiii…

  6. ang gwapo ng headshot. sya pala yun nakita ko sa naia 3. pilot sya sa cebu pacific. actually the flight na sinakyan ko. when i saw him grabe, i cannot help myself na tingnan sya palagi. ang tangakad at ang lakas ng dating… model na model look.

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