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Mossimo is back + Johnny Z!

This year, the most anticipated [bikini] modeling event in the country is back! After a one-year hiatus, Mossimo Bikini Summit is going to be held in the first week of May in the island of Boracay. Last week, there were two screening dates that drew hundreds of hopefuls into this prestigious bikini competition. In photo is Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 second-runner-up Aljarreau Galang or Al Galang. The 25-year-old part-time model and full-time yoga instructor is also known as DJ Johnny Z of 103.5 Max FM.
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  1. willing akong magpauring sa kanya. mukhang malinis. pls leave contact details here and how much.

  2. pahada? questionable nga sa akin ito. friend ko si andy smith and i distinctly remember how he bodily embraced andy during that bikini competition — while they were just in bikini trunks!

  3. I saw him in personal before and I must say he is ultra hot… Medyo sosyal nga lang ang dating… Meron siyang Yoga Studio in Greenhills and in Eastwood I believe… Masyado siyang sosyal para pumatol sa gays… ewan ko lang…

  4. If he’s a DJ in MAX FM (one of the not-so-many hip FM stations in Manila), then that probably means he’s also articulate and speaks good English.

    Hmm.. does not sound “pahada” to me

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