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Paolo Paraiso goes very daring

Finally, after all these years lusting after this guy, model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso is baring all on screen in the movie Immoral.  The movie, which is directed by Adolfo Alix from the screenplay of Jerry Gracio [Santa Santita], is part of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2008.  It is the story of a man, his wife, and male lover all in one roof [hmmm, sounds familiar, I think this was the theme before in an Anton Bernardo flick with a Paraiso in the title].  Nevertheless, Paolo Paraiso promises, in this movie, to show a side we apparently have not yet seen before. I can’t wait. 
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  1. yeah, that movie was Paraiso ni Efren. what a coincidence, hehehe. and Anton showed again his prized jewels there. this time, i hope it’s Paraiso himself who would show it na.

  2. sana nga makita ko na ang paraiso ni paolo. its been a long wait. this guys could have made it bigger were it not for his marriage to whats her name? anyway the movie should be title Paul’s Paradise not Immoral.

  3. sa wakas ma sisight ko na rin si papa paolo. sa totoo lang, ito ang k tawagin class a model. ang isa pa sana ma post dito ung dating model si rabago, medyo may edad na pero pamatay din parang paolo paraiso.

  4. Trip ko to si Paolo. When I accidentally saw him in person, I said to myself, “bading nga ako!” I had sleepless nights in Baclaran where I used to live and really took advantage of my location to say a novena to “cure” my gay feelings! E paglabas ko ng simbahan, parang radar ang mga mata scouting for cute guys! Wa epek, isa talaga akong sirena!

    Anyway, Paolo is not only a true class A model and good actor, he is intelligent too. He came from a well-off family at edukado. Anong nakita nya kay Maileen Dizon? E mas maramin naman akong GATAS dun!!

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