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Re-posting Lance

I’m re-posting some photos upon the request of a good friend who’s having a fixation on this guy lately. Three years ago, male model Lance Howard was one of the better-looking contestants, actually a motley group of boys in funny tiny bikinis competing for the title Ginoong Pilipinas 2007. The 6’1″-tall mestizo represented Quezon City in the national competition, where he lost to the then Ateneo law student Dennis Barrion. Lance is now one of the top male models in his batch, regularly seen in TVCs and in the runways for top designers and brands.
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  1. eto ang talagang sexy, from head to foot. pag itabi dito si dennis trillo na overrated, magmumukha syang unano at because kulubot na nga sya, baka tito ang itawag ni lance sa kanya hahaha.

    i’ve seen him in ginoo at talaga namang napaka attractive nya. kung ang 6″1 na to ang kaulayaw ko gabi gabi, heaven talaga. certified tall, macho, and daks pa.

  2. eto ang totoong sexy hunk. pag tumabi si dennis trillo kay lance, magmumukha syang tito na unano ni lance. hahaha

  3. isn’t being tagged as noveau riche equated more with being “pasosyal” rather than sosyal? la lang, chenelyn kimberlash. LOL. eniway, highway, ang nagagawa nga naman ng nagsusumuka sa talentong stylist! nakakalokah! subukan lang nilang mawala tayong lahat sa face-lak ni mother earth kahit na one day, try lang. magmumukhang aswang ang mayorya ng sangkatauhan.

  4. bakit kailangan pang laitin si papa dennis ko. e di isaksak mo sa baga mo yang lalaking type mo na mukhang di naliligo at sa akin si papa dennis ko na ang bango-bango.

  5. hmm, well, nouveau riche naman isn’t strictly equated with being pasosyal…there’s always two sides in a coin. the nouveau riche became rich because of their own efforts – some stay humble, others go so blatant with their newfound riches they seem “pasosyal” na (why flock to the louis vuitton & hermés greenbelt stores when you can get it in france?!). same din naman with the old rich – most old rich families are still rich and reserved, while other old rich families are, sad to say, already down in debt.

    it’s interesting to see that fashion/lifestyle columnist/blogger cecile zamora van straten featured that guy (yes, he’s the same guy) in her blog and featured a picture watermarked by the owner of this blog! if you’ll ask me, cecile’s family is from the old rich.

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