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Ron and Racho

At the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit, then 23-year-old Haroun Morales competed against a motley group of good looking boys, including a lean and mean Adrian Racho. Haroun and Adrian didn’t win, although the latter took home the Photogenic award. Undaunted, Haroun joined the Be Bench Model Search a year after and he landed first runner-up. He is now with ABS-CBN, appearing endlessly in bit – but rewarding – projects for the network. Haroun is still with ABS-CBN, working his ass off [no pun], slow and easy. And as for Racho, he’s still very much around after doing racy pics for a local gay rag. And what’s the point of this post. Nothing. Uh, two words, actually: casting couch.
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  1. Casting couch huh? Whose cocuh is this? Mr. Edrinal perhaps or Mr. Chan’s? Or maybe both?

    I’m surprised Adrian’s modeling for Bench now. Especially now that he’s looking not so fresh- a little ragged and used up (i.e. “laspag”). Must be a dream come true for him. Or for Mr. Chan. Haha.

    Man, that casting couch/bed must be so dirty from all the sweat and um, juices, that all these actor/model-wannabes are tirelessly offering just to be given a bit but rewarding TV gig or a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in an advertising campaign.

    Well, if you’ve got the body, the stamina, the “talents” and the clean conscience to do it, why not? Haha.

  2. Gusto kong i-book si Ron Morales kahit 1 night lang. Sino kaya ang agent nito? Anyone in the know? Thanks for the help.

  3. Si racho naman e di ko alam kung pahadz, pero sino naman hahada dyan e buto buto na sya. mas ok pa din ang malaman gaya ni Ron!

  4. pahada yan si racho! dami bading yan kasama lalo na sa school na pinanggalingan nya. alam naman lahat dun na natikman na sya ni sir…

  5. Hala casting couch nga hahaha si Ron pahadz sa ABS CBN pinagpasapasahan na ng mga judets doon kaya madaming projects maski walang talent at looks.

  6. trivia: Ang “GF” now ni Adrian is Krystle Rius (dating GF ni Joseph Marco) may umuugong na tsismis about them
    Gaytorade nga daw ang bro ni Ron na si Rafael Morales, pa bottom daw at baliko sa kaliwa ang notes, at naiihi sya pag nag cum.

    hindi ba, Shayne Maceda?

  7. Dear Anonymous (February 27, 2010 10:29 PM)

    Pinasasabi ni Adrian, D ka daw nya gusto, parang di ka daw masarap, shute(balbal) ka na lang daw, buy ka lotion hehehehehe!

  8. hay nakez… kaka miss si adrian… ka gym ko sya dati sa INO gym sa intramuros. way back nung college..
    kaloka nga lang kasi hatid sundo siya ng prof namin… si J.B…. kaasar… kung madami lang ako anda nung college ako na ang 1st na makaka grab ng notes niya.. haha

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