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Top model Sassan Shokouhi is under the oppressive sun and he doesn’t mind. The 25-year-old Filipino-Iranian hunk is one of the more in-demand models in the fashion runways and catwalks of A-list designers. He is also the guy in the ubiquitous Gibi shoes billboards in the metro and in the provinces. The 6’3″-tall Sassan is also a sought-after mannequin for fashion editorials in major fashion magazines and publications.
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  1. Payat sya sobra nakita ko na ito, laging kasama si Joaquin Casado. Mga alaking tingting. Hindi na sexy tingnan. Gusto ko yung malaman.

  2. I saw him several times on vtrs . tangkad nito, pero di naman super payat tama lang ung built nya for his height and for modeling. sya rin ung guy sa premiere condoms and acer computers na print ads.

  3. Tama lang since he’s a runway model and a very successful print model, thin is very in!! di na uso yung bulky.. so 90’s things change thin/meduim built is in… yah siya yung nasa daisy siete, very short live yung acting nya since very in demand din siya sa singapore and other neighboring asian countries.

  4. He looks like a model talaga. yung iba kasi na model kuno dito sa Pinas, matataba at may flabs pa. Naging matangkad lang sila tinawag na na model. Eto si Sassan e model na model talaga ang dating.

  5. yUMMY NGA. Sana yung bakat. Heard he is really big. Considering na iRANIAN SYA di ba malalaki sila? Hmmm

  6. Kaloka talaga pag comments, andaming alam ng mga becky. walang sekreto na di nabubunyag! hahahaha

  7. at sino naman po si toni kimpo? artista po ba siya? handler? talent manager? sensya na po. baduy na bakla lang po.

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