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Searching for Iago

NEW YORK CITY – UPH is also here and sometimes we meet up for a bit of talk and for some ogling at people. To while away the time, we resolved – rather giddily – to look for Leonardo Litton, that 90s actor who wore bikinis in all his movies. He has moved to this side of the hemisphere, married with kids. And then again he has grown plumpish as soon as he settled here in the Big Apple for good, judging from the pictures sent to us most recently. Surely, we presumed, we would be very disappointed seeing a cute butterball, a far cry [and a sigh] from the time he lorded over the soft-porn movies of his era with Rodel Velayo. So our attention veered towards a model who has also settled in the city – Iago Raterta. One of the top models of his time, just a couple of years ago, Iago left a bustling career to live here. Nothing has been heard about him. Too bad, because he was this exotic male model who was in-demand at home. He probably didn’t continue being a model here in NYC after his stint at this modeling contest in Los Angeles. We were hoping we could see him, accidentally. And then UPH can take his picture.
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  1. Nasa CA si iago at di na sya kalbo. Hindi na makabalik ng Pinas ang lolo kase nag tnt na here. Last time i heard, nagpapalit na sya ng diaper ng mga lolo at lola at di na rumarampa.

  2. Malakas ang appeal ni Iago noon pa man. Sayang lang at hini sa nagtuloy. Kanya kanya sigurong priority yan. Sana mag succeed sya sa US.

  3. Akala ko noon Brazilian model din sya heheh Yun pala local, taga UST dating basketball player dun. Maganda yung look nya, napaka exotic. Sayang nga sya at di na nag model.

  4. what??? pinagpalit nya buhay hollywood sa manila sa pag cacare giver dito sa america???? at nag tnt pa???? im sure hes kicking himself in the head right now!!!

  5. yan gwapo na sa inyo yan, achehehehhehe. sa inyo n lng yang iago na yan, if gwapo yan laht ng lng ng models na tulad niya wla ng panget hahahhaha

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