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Sizzling Sebastian Monroe

He’s of Irish, Korean, German and Native American descent and he was here in Manila recently to do some modeling work.  His name is Sebastian Monroe, a 22-year-old native of Alabama who grew up in Virginia and California.  He says he’s a newbie in the modeling business as he has been doing “normal things” back in the US when an agent picked him up and sent him to Singapore to work the runways.  For now, his goal is to fix his handicap – a hearing problem, which he hopes will be operated on soon using his earnings from modeling.
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  1. He is way too thin, dont u think? I think that kind of body is abnormal already. Besides, he has no filipino blood in him he doesnt have my vote.

  2. i have this gut feel he is one of those underground porno actors back in the US. otherwise, why would he choose to work in asia? his willingness to share his pubes is one indication. truly american models of the traditional mold don’t easily allow a peek into their treasures. no, he didn’t create a throb in my southern region, sorry.

  3. So? Do the other famous models here in the country have filipino blood? yun favorite niyong si Akihiro? e d nga yun marunong magfilipino e. how about Hideo? Nagae? non of them knows how to speak tagalog! Just be fair and give other new models a chance!

  4. This guy got a big tool! I personally saw it in the back stage. OMG! Looks delicious! Sana magbench siya para makita natin yun bakat niya sa briefs! kikiki

  5. He’s alright…Pero sana this site would devote to featuring only those who are Pinoys or half-Pinoys. Let’s celebrate the Filipino male hotness!

  6. i have met several native-americans and european mixtures and can only say one thing – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS…they have akin exotic, mystical looks but carry a hidden eye-popping fill-me-to-the-rim surprises

  7. He has a FB (Facebook) account. Check niyo. Ay, OMG sa gwapo! And, Galing din as a model. To think he just started lang ha tas galing galing na niya sa pagiging model! Kudos! Malayo ang mararating nito! Pants off to you. Ay, este, hats off pala.







  9. at first glance and before i clicked on the photo, i thought he had some resemblance to Adrian Racho. pero grabe ang katawan naman nito. parang galit na galit.

    hmmm…looks like he is “cut” down there. kitang kita ang shape ng meatus.

  10. The face is okay, but the torso is something else. Parang kinuha sa isang horror o sci-fi movie kung kailan nagta-transform ang katawan from human to monster. No it isn’t sexy to me.

  11. this kind of body is the “in” thing in the male modeling world, lalo na sa europe… haven’t you seen the recent photos of Rocky Salumbides?? he purposely lost more weight…

    skin and bones ang labanan ngayon sa international modeling scenes, mga beckies… hehehehe…

  12. Tumpak! Bayaan ang mga baduy na walang alam sa ganitong industriya! At d alam kung ano ang in demand. Alam lang nila kung ano ang nakikita sa TV. Kachipan! Ayusin muna ang mga ugali at itsura ng mga pinoy na modelo bago natin silang tangkilikin. Most specially, mag modeling school nga sila! Ang hirap ng mga pinoy models umintindi sa shoots at rehearsals. Buti pa mga banyaga at mga fil-chi, bilis umintindi!

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