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Smörgåsbord Sunday!

boys64The models got shirtless today – and two even got down in their shorts – so say hello to the fine likes of Henrik Lagoni, Arthur Tselishchev, Sam Louie Turner and Daniel Diniz! This is an international list – Henrik is from Denmark, Arthur from Ukraine, Sam from the United States and Daniel from Brazil. They come from afar and they’re congregating in Manila for our man-candy visual enjoyment, of course.

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  1. nasa singapore na si arthur.
    ukrainian si arthur. mga sikat na models/talent casters and parents niya sa ukraine. nasa asia to avoid being drafted in the army.

  2. anak ng bokya naman yung balot na balot diyan oh?! siya na nga yung pinaka walang panlaban pagdating sa fez value eh sana idinaan nya sa hubaran para mapansin man lang, di ba?!

    waste of space lang sya dyan at perfect framing na siguro kung yung tatlong nababanggit from the previous comments sa itaas (silang may mga x-factor) yung mga tinira.. lol!

    1. Bakla, palibhasa nasa squatter’s area ka.If you work in the industry at nakakasabay mo si Henrik you will know! Malamya sya sobra! Mas lalaki pa si John Lapus!

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