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Stephen’s Time

Stephan copyOn rare occasions, there are diamonds in the rough, found within the seedy confines of small bikini contests. One of them is Stephen Dorschner, who’s strikingly good-looking in more ways than one. He’s been featured here before in countless states of undress and I guess he’s already abroad earning a living. And then again, I’m putting him in the Coulda Woulda Shoulda Department of showbiz.

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  1. In fairness, ang sarap niyang tingnan dito! He looks like the younger version of our hardinero. Sana mey anak siyang ganito. Tatanungin ko nga mamaya…

  2. super hottie! luv that bikini and stephen’s bulge makes me drool! he’s definitely my man! yan ang katawang pang romansa! chuchupain ko sya ng todo todo at lulunukin ko lahat ng tamod ni stephen!

  3. He’s now working as a doorman in Macau. legit na doorman. Yung sang kasama nya na si Myles Palisoc yun ang nag callboy sumama kay Mama Juday Sypongco sa dd2

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