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Strong and swarthy

bench9Do you like ’em tall, dark and shaved? In the name of diversity in this blog, today’s special is swarthy guy Jules Aquino , who is one hot hunk! Jules defies the cookie-cutter look of models in the country – particularly the big and tall fly-in ones from Brazil and Latin American countries. With his unique look and fine physique, that’s not actually boring!

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      1. parang eto rin ung dating nagtanong ng “is he related to the Ejercitos? ” nagtatangangahan o mema lng … google kna lng para me kausap ka siraulong baklang me acetone sa fuki!

  1. HOT HOT HOT! Legs ulam na….Kamay ulam na…Crotch ulam na….Hips ulam na….. Waist ulam na…Abs ulam na…. Chest ulam na…. Forearms, Biceps, Triceps ulam na…. Lips, hhhmmmmm…

    Super TYPE HOT PINOY, parang Cesar Montano – classic kayumanggi god! And, taga state U pa! MORE, please! Sa Bench ba ito?

  2. Actually, this picture doesn’t do his face justice. Mas gwapo siya in person. And he’s from UP to boot! Gwapo na nga, matalino pa!

  3. OMG! soooo manly ang dating.. lalaking lalaki.. pure na pure ang katas Jules. kung sa kape pa.. espressooo….yummy…

  4. Rapsa. Love hot Pinoy guys with tan skin. Parang 13 years old na naman ako and nagkacrush sa gardener namin lol *malandi*

  5. he’s one hot guy! luv his bod and pose, jules gave me an instant hard on and definitely jakol mode to the max! jules is one hot cock!

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