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You know it’s summer when the annual model- and bodyfest called Century Tuna Superbods is underway! The other day, nine finalists [one will from the US search] were chosen from a bumper crop of models, athletes, fitness instructors, students and wannabes.  Some hot and cute ones were left out in favor of a couple of the event organizer’s favorites. From left: Dutch-Filipino model Laurens Foronda [27, 6’2″] , Australian-Filipino model Evan Spargo [25, 6’3″], model-athlete-occasional actor Maui Lumba [21, 6′], student Julio de Leon [21, 5’11”], Filipino-Spanish athlete Antonio de Murga [28, 5’9″], first male Supermodel-Philippines winner Gerard Go [24, 6’2″], model Miguel Lasala [24, 6’2″], model Marneil Anthony Lim [23, 6’2″], and freelance actor, model, art director and fitness buff Rendon Labador [23, 6′]. Take your pick! 

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  1. Hay naku di ako naeelya sa kahit sino man sa mga yan. Makapaginstagram na nga lang ulit, click on the hashtag #cockinasock bwahahahaha

  2. Maraming mas cute at sexy pa dyan kina Evan spargo, Maui Lumba, JM Lasala no! Dagdag mo pa si Rendon na maganda Lang katawan

  3. Robby Carmona the events organizer, picked Lasala and Lumba na Chaka at Chaka din mga katawan compared to the others na na reject

  4. Excitement meter ng mga deki mukhang down wala man lang 20 percent. Parang kulang ng testosterone ahahahha

  5. Ewan ko ba’t nasali sali pa sina Lumba and Lasala. Chaka lang ang peg. At least si Rendon pamatay ang katawan, maski uber chaka din

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