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Swarthy: Alvin Aguilar

Alvin Aguilar is tall, dark and handsome. This 5’11”-tall hunk who is making heads turn with his exotic good looks and muscled physique is an Abaknon, from Samar province.  According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts website, the Abaknon “live on the island of Capul on the northern tip of Samar in the San Bernardino Straits, south of the province of Sorsogon.”  Alvin Aguilar, who is 21 years old, has already modeled for major brands and fashion retailers on the runway.  He is a graduate of the Capul Agro-Industrial School in Samar.
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  1. magaling ang folded and hung maghanap ng models para sa underwear line nila na kakaiba sa nakagawian na nating lahat. in other words, hindi sila pang-Bench. pero nakakakilig ang appeal. take for example john lopez. alvin aguilar is a gem waiting to be discovered, too.

  2. ang galing mo talaga kamote.. hehehe.. katakam takam naman talaga e2ng si alvin.. by the way Abaknon’s are inhabitants of the beautiful island of Capul, the former capital of Northern Samar (Catarman is the current capital of Northern Samar). It is derived from the word “Acapulco” referring to the ship used by Spaniards when they discovered the island. Been to this island many times because my town is just an hour away from Cappul by motorized boat, but never spotted Alvin there even once.. hehehe.. anyways, there are a lot of handsome exotic guys on the island, most of them have outstandingly built bodz..

  3. “anyways, there are a lot of handsome exotic guys on the island (of Capul), most of them have outstandingly built bodz..”

    Taralets! Taralets!

  4. DEFINITELY not 100% pinoy blood. maybe mid-east or nord african descent. still he is a gem to reckon with. is it Alvin or Amir, Abdullah, Zoren, Mohammed. whatever, YOU LOOK GORGEOUS.

    P.S. streets of Europe are filled with Alvin clones. but then, Macau is only an hour away. LOL.

  5. wag na kayo magpantasya at iisa lang ang BAYAG nya, or 1 lang ang BALLS, hindi pair, at maliit lang ang NOTA, i should know na Get ko na sya noh, kaya i know isa lang BAYAG nya 🙂 – MS CLAIM dela Fuente

  6. winner ka talaga RD! Thanks for posting this….New year kaya new guy to watch out for me…hahaha

    Tara, punta na sa Capul at mag boy hunting na tayo! Game!

  7. Super sarap naman ang picture d2 ni Alvin Aguilar, sorry kasi ngayon kolang nalaman na si Alvin ay isang SAMARINO Im PROUD of u Alvin…..Im always come to Macau, but i dont know that ur come from SAMAR also, next time pag punta ko diyan sa Macau, kailangan na makita kita at makausap manlang kasi nakaka ms din ang mag karoon ka ng kausap mo na ka SAMARINO mo…….kakaiba talaga ang SEX appeal ng mga taga SAMAR, mapa Northern, Western & Eastern Samar talagang SUPER at SUPER talaga sa OOZING with ANIMALISTIC SEX APPEAL….IBA TALAGA ANG MGA TAGA WARAY…. AT IBA RIN ANG KARGADA ! ! ! Cheers my DEAR ALVIN…see u soon in MACAU.Thanks RD for Posting this kind of Alvin Aguilar pic. sana masmaganda pa sa susunod na pics. niya ang ilagay mo d2 sa “Hot Men in the Philippines”

  8. i often see him at the gym. he normally works out with either luke jickain or carlo adorador. they don’t stay at the gym very long though. but they sure make a lot of heads turn, even mine. lol..

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