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Teacher Jon?

Imagine original Bench underwear model Jon Hall as your English teacher who is active in the after-school tutorial program. I was having a conversation last night with a friend and she mentioned that Mr. Hall is apparently connected now with an English language training school designed mainly for BPOs, call and contact centers. So it seems the ruggedly handsome male mod is now an English teacher based in Makati City. Now, if only I know the name of that school…..
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  1. john is a college graduate, with a skillset that can bring him to other disciplines during showbiz downtimes. i saw him guest last sunday in allan k and jaya’s show (i forgot the name of the show), and he looks hotter than ever – exuding that kind of silent, mature sexuality that has captivated the gay community since his bench cocktease days.

    way to go john. tell me where you teach, and i will enrol, with a different agenda – to hook up with you. lol

  2. i saw him one time in greenbelt watching max payne together with his gf yata…haha..

    omg he’s hotness defined…my jaw just dropped when i saw him personally…haha…

  3. I often see this guy every morning in the elevator of a building in Valero St. Makati..That’s where he works..And that is where I park my car….Gosh three times na kami nagkakatinginan….I won’t say what building it is coz I am still making my move to be with my prince John Hall..hehehe…

    He really is damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last time I saw him 2 days ago he was wearing Orange polo shirt…YUMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  4. he was at ALL STAR K last weekend.
    he didn’t bag the big kahuna but nonetheless he brought warmth in my dreary November morn.

    Children, our first lesson, what is the meaning of FORNICATION?

  5. HOW ABOUT HARRY?…now that John is on the right track, don’t forget our perennial fave Harry. let’s give him a break to find a REAL job. RD, why not establish a bursary to fund Chua’s college education. we’ll call it H.M.P. FOUNDATION. i’ll donate my daily Java allowance.

  6. want to know where john hall is? he’s in the 16th floor of Antel 2000 Bldg. along Valero Street Makati City. The school is “American English”… nakakasabay ko sya sa elevator and he’s damn HOT! gs2 ko na nga sagpangin eh kung kami lang dalawa hahahaha!

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