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The Cup

With the countless underwear photos of a sexy sweaty Vin Abrenica these days, the only questions left to ask by our pervy selves are: Who gets to take home the modesty pad (crotch cup) in his undies? Does he bring the used pair of briefs home? Or someone from the styling team does? Does he reuse the cup on the next shoot? Who gets to clean it?

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  1. Ang guapo ni Joseph. Rd, on another news, ligwak pala, 10th placer pala ang gross ng movie ni chritpher at vilma sa mmff. Nakapanlulumo, may underwear scene pa naman si boyet kahit oldie na.

    1. Oh how sad naman the results eh dati unbeatable ang team na yan sa mga mmff. Let’s just wait for the film sa streaming channels.

      1. Di ko na need sabihing maganda ako. Boys from Xavier, Ateneo and other exclusive schools with say that.

        1. Tas anong “with say that”?
          Boys from Xavier, Ateneo and other exclusive schools with say that.
          other exclusive schools with say that.
          with say that.

      1. Oh ehm titah Jeshsha Zharagozha, puhrang dih quoh rin pouh keah! Di nah pouh tuloy ang Lan-Vin loveteam, shayang kashe puhrang young Jeshtoni Alarcon pah aman pouh shi Babyih Vin quoh, keah lung kashe, nag-ashawa na pouh kashe shya eh! Wait quoh nah lang pouh maging kagaya nyah shi Kuah Aljur nyah pouh nah nagka-AJ Raval. Hihi.

        Magkashing shexhy pah aman kami ni AJ. Hihi.

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