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The Other Ajdani

tohid copy

Is he hotter than his brother Sam? Cuter, perhaps? Tohid Ajdani may not be as ripped and lean and tall as his relatively  famous older brother, but he sure can bring in the boyish charm. Here, the 20-year-old Fil-Iranian hunk auditions for the Bench show. I’m pretty certain he got in.

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  1. He looks fresher than his brother. Though nasa top si Sam sa list ko of males I fantasize having sex with, I wouldn’t mind having a threesome with his brother. Double penetration, perhaps? LOL!

    1. Etong Faglet ay #2

      ILUSYUNADA: ginagawan ng kwento ang mga bagay-bagay na di totoo, pinalalabas nyang
      totoo sa kanyang imahinasyon. At pinaninindigan nyang totoo kahit hindi.

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