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The personal trainer

adam lloyd2 adam lloyd1In case you’re wondering about that hunky handsome guy in black (see sidebar about the queen bee and the boys), his name is Adam Llloyd. He has a potent mix of Filipino, Spanish and Australian genes in him, and that explains the unique look. Born and bred (don’t you just love that word, bred?) in Oz, he came to the Philippines to study high school in Baguio. He has since stayed in the country, as a personal trainer, model and part-time actor.

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        1. Gaya-Gayang Faglet! Looks like you don’t own your own personal computer w/ internet at home at kelangan dumayo sa internet shop!

          Can’t you read the comments Mama RP exchanges with his boys aka “bros”?


        1. utgjfybyhtf says:
          April 3, 2015 at 7:49 pm
          Weh!! Di nga? Prove it!

          Tingin ka sa salamin! Yan PROOF! Wahahahahahahhahaha

      1. Hoy bakla non stop ang paninira mo kay rey pamaran obviosa na ang pagka inggit mo. Inggitera! Get a life!

  1. sarap naman kung personal trainer ko to…swerte talaga ni rey pamaran! Mama Rey patawarin mo na lang si Lola Melissa total madami ka namang natitikmang burat ng mga hot models athletes & actors kesa ni Lola Melissa

    1. nalaman ko nga dito na hinakot na ni mama rey ang mga hunkiest trainers nf fitness fort. how i wish i have the same money as his so i can taste the best man meat out there

  2. oh my!!!
    why feature him now when he has been around since Marc Nelson’s hey days 😉
    Everybody who is in the fashion industry or has been following the fashion world in Manila would definitely know his background when he was still naming himself as Govinda Das Lloyd… especially the happenings behind the curtains… right, Andy O? Ian A, his fellow batch can attest to that… hihihihihi

  3. Nasa personal trainers na din lang tayo specially sa fitness fort. Can someone feature them here. Para makita natin ang total body package na pang merienda ni mama rey.

      1. well, based on what i saw here and on the lifestyle changes daw ng trainers ng fort, mukhang for rent sila. i mean, di naman sila mukhang mga street children na kailangan ng sponsor ng feeding program so most probably may kapalit yon. and i dont think mama rey needs money in exchange. do the math

        sino ba trainer mo sa fort? may mga cute doon ng minsan nag workout ako sa area ng bgc

  4. Wait, si Govinda? Supercrush ko to dati when we got him for So-en male undies ad. That was… 10 years ago! Naunahan pang tumanda ni Vince Canizares.

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